St George Referees’ 2018 AGM

St George Rugby League Referees Association held it’s 2018 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 4 December 2018, at Club Rivers, Riverwood.

Elections were held for 2019 positions, chaired by Mr Doug Keen.

The results of the AGM are as follows and can also be viewed here. Congratulations to all those who were elected to the following positions.

Patrons: Cathy Crowe, Toni Hughes, Doug Keen, Len Willis

President: Damien Simes

Vice President: Greg Tunks

Executive Officer: Brendan Mani

Assistant Executive Officer: Seamus Carroll

Director of Finance: Joel Mani

Committee Members: Seamus Carroll, Zac Pitkethley, Chelsea Simes

Female Members Representative: Chelsea Simes

Social Secretary: Chelsea Simes

Life Membership Committee: Kerry Foley, John Mercer, Rocky Musolino, Paul Tape, Greg Tunks, Len Willis

Appeals Panel Coordinator: Kerry Foley

Coaching and Development Manager: Joel Mani

Director of Referees: Joel Mani

Appointments Board: Seamus Carroll, Joel Mani, Brendan Mani, Chelsea Simes, Damien Simes

Gear Steward: Seamus Carroll

Social Media Manager: Zac Pitkethley

Honorary Auditors: Alex Li, Paul Tape

NSWRL Delegate: Vacant

NSWRL Proxy Delegate: Joel Mani

St. George Junior League Delegate: David Hughes

St. George Junior League Proxy Delegate: Zac Pitkethley



St George Rugby League Referees’ 2017 AGM

St George Rugby League Referees Association held it’s 2017 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 6 December 2017, at the St. George Leagues Club, Kogarah.

Elections were held for 2018 positions, chaired by Ms Cathy Crowe and scrutineered by St George Junior Rugby League’s Mr Garry Crowe.

The results are as follows and can also be viewed here.

Patrons 2018: Doug Keen, Len Willis, Cathy Crowe

President 2018: Damien Simes

Vice President: Greg Tunks

Executive Officer 2018: Josh Perestrelo

Director of Finance 2018: Joel Mani

Assistant Secretary 2018: Seamus Carroll

Management Committee 2018: Brendan Mani, Chelsea Simes, Seamus Carroll

Life Members Committee 2018: Rocky Musolino, Len Willis, John Mercer

Social Secretary 2018: Chelsea Simes

Social Committee 2018: Brendan Mani, Seamus Carroll, Zac Pitkethley, David Hughes, Chris Arena, Matt King

NSW Delegate 2018: Damien Simes

Proxy NSW Delegate 2018: Joel Mani

Junior League Delegate 2018: David Hughes

Proxy Junior League Delegate 2018: Nathan King

Honorary Auditors 2018: Paul Tape, Alex Li

Advisory Board 2018: Damien Simes, Joel Mani, Josh Perestrelo, Chelsea Simes, Seamus Carroll

Director of Coaching and Development 2018: Joel Mani

Providers Co-ordinator 2018: Alex Li

Providers 2018: Damian Simes, Joel Mani, and Josh Perestrelo

Gear Steward 2018: Seamus Carroll

Web Master 2018: Zac Pitkethley

Appeals Tribunal Co-ordinator 2018: Len Willis

Women’s Delegate 2018: Sarah King



A New Look for St. George Referees

St. George Rugby League Referees are proud to present our brand new, on field refereeing Gear. Another change to the ever-evolving world of rugby league refereeing, as we transfer from the old pink gear, to a fresh, bright yellow, on field jersey.

As Rugby League refereeing develops and grows, through the integration of the one-step and two-step vocabulary system, we as an association develop and grow, with new gear, and excitement for the upcoming season!

We are highly thankful to our valued sponsors, Club Central, NSW Rugby League, Club Rivers, South Side Security and Investigstions Pty. Ltd., St. George District Rugby League Football Club, MIYO Australia, and Zed ‘n’ Zed Jewellers Hurstville, for the continued support.

St George Referees congratulates Damien Simes – NSWRL Graded Member


We are proud to announce that Damien Simes has been graded into the NSWRL squad. Damien is NSWRLRA graded member no. 979.

Damien has been with St George since 2007, entered junior reps in 2009 and was one of the leading referees in both the junior rep squad and the Sydney Combined A-Grade Competition in the last few years.

Damien’s elevation to the NSWRL grade squad is a reflection of his perseverance and dedication both on- and off-field. We extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes in your grade career.